MS Australia Brain Bank Activities and Progress






1. Promotion of Brain Donation for MS Research

The MS Australia Brain Bank actively engages in promotional activities to increase public awareness of brain donation for MS research. We also make local and international scientists aware that high quality and well-characterised MS tissue is available from the MS Australia Brain Bank.

2. Recruitment of MS Brain Donors

Since our official launch in February 2008, over 2260 people with MS have registered their interest with the MS Australia Brain Bank and more than 930 have consented to their tissue being used for MS research in the event of their death.

3. Collection and Storage of Material

To date, over 80 brains affected by MS have been retrieved in collaboration with the Australian Brain Bank Network, most of which have post-mortem intervals of less than 24 hours. We are indebted and grateful to those patients and their families who have generously donated tissue for MS research.

4. Tissue Characterisation

Tissue processing and MS lesion characterisation is complete for most cases and underway in the most recent cases.

5. Tissue Distribution

MS tissue has been supplied for twelve approved research projects.

MS Australia Brain Bank registrations, consents and donations 2007 – 2016

  • registered their intention to donate
  • Fully consented MS brain donors
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